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Our process is Confidential, Simple and Easy to Manage...

  • Our system walks you through the registration process based on the Industry, Departments and Positions you choose.  At this point, your confidential information is only seen by JobLine staff. 
  • We review your information and work with you to fill in missing details.
  • JobLine personnel will then create your On-Line Generic Profile.  This Profile does not disclose your name, identity or confidential information. It provides Employers with only enough information to identify you as someone they want.
  • You decide when to activate your search.  If you only want to store your information for a future need, our system will exclude your listing from the Candidates available.  You can turn your search on and off whenever you wish.  You can still search and inquire about jobs, even if your status is inactive!
  • When you activate your search, your Generic Profile will be visible to Employers.
    • JobLine will search for positions that fit your goals.  We will present these to you for review via the message center. 
    • Inquiries from Employers who have seen your Generic Profile and are interested in learning more will also be in your Message Center.
  • You can also inquire about opportunities listed by our Employers.  These will be stored in your My Inquiries folder.
  • You will have an opportunity to know the Company, Location, Contact and Job Details as well as ask questions prior to authorizing JobLine to disclose your Confidential Information to the Employer.
  • You can Decline to be presented at any time prior to presentation and no confidential information will be released.  You can also withdraw after releasing your confidential information.  A polite note will inform the Employer that the Candidate has been withdrawn from the opportunity.
  • Prior to releasing your confidential information to any employer, they must first agree to our non-disclosure policy that requires your permission prior to discussing you with anyone outside of their company.
  • Upon your authorization only, your confidential information will be presented to the Employer.  We present you to Employers using our trademark Candidate Profile system. Your Candidate Profile provides Employers with extensive detail regarding your experience, skills and objectives in an easy to read and evaluate format.  The JobLine Candidate Profile format is preferred by our Employers over traditional resumes. In almost all instances, no resume is ever needed.
  • Then, it's up to you and the Employer to decide if it is a match.
  • We will be with you every step of the way.  JobLine assists in coordinating communications, interviews, answering questions, and helping you evaluate all aspects of the opportunity. We also know how to make the Relocation Process less stressful for you, your family and the Employer.

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