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Help for most functions can be found by clicking on the ? icon.   Most areas will have these Icons in the upper left hand corner of the area.

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For Users who are logged in, your Message Center is our primary means of communicating.  Be sure to check your Message Center often.  You can initiate a message to JobLine by clicking on the Create New Message link in the Message Center.  You can also respond to messages from The JobLine by using the response area at the bottom of each message.  If you have not checked your Message Center for several days, and you have marked a notification preference, the Message Center will send an email to you at the email address provided to notify you to check your messages.  If you are having trouble with the Message Center, please use the Contact Us link to call or email


  • Candidates register by clicking on the "For Candidates" button or link.  You will be redirected to our registration process.  After reading about our services, and accepting our Privacy Policy, you will be presented with a registration form.  After filling out the first page, you will be directed to close the page and check your email for a confirmation message.  Be sure to provide a confidential email address to protect your privacy.  After receiving the confirmation email, click on the link and you will be returned to the registration process.  Be sure to fill out all forms completely.  The more information we have about you, the better we can inform Employers of your abilities.  If you do not receive a confirmation email within an hour of registering, please contact the JobLine by phone or email.
  • Employers click on the "For Employers" button or link.  You can download our search agreement and fax it to 800-524-4982.  You can also email or use the contact us tab, or call 800-289-5627 if you have any questions.  We will create your user file and provide you with a way to log in if you wish, or manage your search for you. 


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