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ID: C18461
Title: Remote Truss Designer | Remote Mega-multifamily Truss Designer
Relocation: Pennsylvania
Overview: 25 years' industry experience.  25+- years' design experience.  Duties in the roof truss and engineered wood design involve designing roof truss components for very complex homes. Having the ability to be able to do roof and floor design makes my job very interesting and extremely enjoyable. Being able to work with building designers and the contractor and at times the homeowner, makes for a rewarding experience.  My other job duties also require taking many phone calls from individuals that want to build anything from a small shed to a very complex roof / floor system. Some phone calls require me to answer questions regarding engineered wood beam designs. Every day is an enjoyable experience, especially knowing that each day will bring on many different situations where I am being asked to help customers with their building needs.  Software: Sapphire, AutoCAD Lite, eFrame, beam software, I-Joist software. Tested expert level in all areas of single family, single family custom, light commercial, small-mid-size multifamily. 
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