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ID: C18415
Title: Remote Truss Designer
Relocation: Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina

As Truss Designer:

  • Prepared job data for transfer from the design office to the shop based on current inventories

  • Created work flow charts, recording production numbers for operations

  • Establishing a bonus program based of performance for the shop workers, increasing production an estimated 10%

  • Served as the help desk, keeping 80 computers in the office and the shop up and working

  • Converted the shop to paperless, computerizing the shop saving thousands and Increasing Production

  • Assisted in the updating and converting our outdated database to a SQL Server

  • Worked in the IT Department, computerized the shop, repaired the Computer Operated Saws & tables

  • Created an automated bidding form connected to a database improving work flow and tracking.

  • Created an electronic centralized blueprint repository, allowing  instant drawings availability to all departments.

  • Coordinating jobs with internal sales, customers, and manufacturing department.

  • Drawing Layouts, value engineering for the shop, preparing estimates, using 3D Cad Engineering and ITW software.

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