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Truss & Wall Panel Designer J15237
Western US
Components Package Estimator J15238
Western US
General Manager - Truss J15236
Truss Designer - MiTek/Multifamily J14173
Truss Designer J15235
Production Manager/Yard Foreman
Remote Mega-Multifamily Truss Designer J14177
Nation Wide
Remote Multifamily Truss Estimator J15227
Remote Mega-Multifamily Truss Design Manager J15234
Mega-Multifamily Project Manager J15229
Residential Order Tech J15232
Senior Truss Designer J14214
Remote - Central or Eastern time zone preferred
Operations Manager - Truss
Remote Truss Designer - MiTek J15228
Truss & Wall Panel Designer J15226
Assistant Plant/Shipping Manager J15223
Senior Truss Designer - Truss J13952
Senior Design/Design Manager | Alpine J15224
Knoxville, TN
Remote Truss Designer - MiTek J15215
Central Florida
Truss Designer J14215
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Attention Truss Designers. 
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The JobLine specializes in matching Industry Professionals with Employers in the  Engineered Wood Products, Truss, Wall Panel, and off-site construction industries. 
As the Candidates intermediary, our process is unique, doesn't require a resume, and only presents you to an employer if you approve.  We represent you professionally. To be considered, every candidate creates and maintain a JobLine Candidate Profile.  It's easy and online.  Click on the New Candidate tab at the top of the page.  Take your time and be thorough.  It's a tool for your future! You can create, save, and update at any time.  You can also specify your job, location, and compensation goals.
Employers, we screen candidates to meet your specifications, and test skills when applicable.  We will only present candidates who are qualified and interest in employment that matches your needs.  Every candidate presented must first be screened, review your opportunity, and request to present their application.  No Resume Spam from the JobLine! All candidates are presented using a Job Specific Application.  Our fees are reasonable and only due if a placement is made!  Give us a call if you have any questions. References are available.

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Hot Candidates
Truss Estimator | Designer in Training
Plant | Location | General Manager - Truss/Panel
California, Nevada
Remote Wall Panel Designer
USA - ALL States
Remote Wall Panel Designer
North Carolina, South Carolina
Senior Truss Designer, Beam Designer
Quebec, Canada - Eastern, New Brunswick...
Senior Management - Truss/Panel/Lumber/Installed Services
USA - Western
Plant/Location/General Manager - Truss/Panel/EWP/Lumber/Stairs/Doors
USA - South
Production/Plant/General Manager - Truss/Panel/LGS/Wood
Remote Wall Panel Designer | Wall Panel Designer
Arizona, California, Nevada...
Location/General Manager - Truss/I-Joist/Beams/EWP
USA - ALL States
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